Belgorod urban settlement Severny, industrial park "Fabrika", production building No. 7


пгт Северный, промпарк "Фабрика", производственный корпус №7

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Installation for the production of mineral wool plugs

Установка для производства минераловатных пробок
Установка для производства минераловатных пробок


Plugs are made of stone wool with a solidity of 80-90 kg / m3. Provided for the purpose of germinating grains in hydroponics (tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, sweet pepper, flowers, lettuce, herbaceous crops, dwarf and ornamental plants). Made from hydrophilic rottisite wool with a random arrangement of fibers.

The structural uniformity of the plugs made of rottisite wool creates an acceptable measured distribution of water, calorie elements and pH values. Due to this, excellent germination of grains is achieved, also seedlings grow of identical size.


The size of the products is Ø22mm and height is from 22 to 28 mm.
There is a conical recess 3-5 mm deep on one of the plug bases.

Additional Information

Plugs are installed in reusable polystyrene cassettes, which simplify monitoring of seedlings and care of them. For the purpose of certain crops, the “plug” stage can be eliminated: in such cases, the seeds are sown directly in cubes (link to cubes) for seedlings, where the plant is maintained until the vegetative age.

Installation for the production of rockwool plugs

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Technical specifics

Dimensional specifications: 1500х3500х1640 mm
Productivity: 10 000 pcs / hour
Estimated energy consumption: 7kW / hour
Number of operators: 2