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пгт Северный, промпарк "Фабрика", производственный корпус №7

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Gang saw


The installation is intended for high-performance cutting of mineral wool slabs on stone wool slats with a density of 80-90 kg / m3. The result is significant material and energy savings compared to traditional circular multi-saw machines. In addition, there are much lower requirements for the accuracy of the dawn workpiece in contrast to foreign analogues.

The machine-tool has a high degree of automation, it is safe, easy to operate and maintain. The main adjustment of the workpiece feed rate is provided, which allows you to choose the optimal cutting mode, there are optical sensors for positioning the workpiece.

Product Sizes

Length, mm: 500, 1000 и 1200 (± 5);
Width, mm: 100, 150, 200 и 240 (± 2);
Height, mm: 75, 100 и 120 (± 2).

Additional Information

The plugs are installed in reusable polystyrene cassettes, which simplify monitoring of seedlings and care of them. For the purpose of certain crops, the “plug” stage can be eliminated: in such cases, the seeds are sown directly in cubes (link to cubes) for seedlings, where the plant is maintained until the vegetative age.

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