Belgorod urban settlement Severny, industrial park "Fabrika", production building No. 7


пгт Северный, промпарк "Фабрика", производственный корпус №7

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Design and manufacture of special equipment

With the benefit of extensive experience in repair and maintenance service, the experts of our company have been going far, realizing the opportunity to develop and manufacture standard and special equipment for any type of production, as well as to upgrade existing equipment.

We are able to solve narrow-profile problems and produce specific types of equipment, as well as implement complex solutions, creating almost any non-standard devices and installations. At the same time, our specialists work at all levels, starting with the development of a project agreed with the customer, ending with the manufacture of prototypes with further implementation in the production process.

At the design stage of the production features and the tasks that the client sets himself are taken into account. Designing is carried out in an automatic 3D design system, which can significantly reduce the risk of errors and makes it possible to make adjustments to the project in the course of work.

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